Aluminium Foil Cup 900-125

Item No.: 900-125

Material: Aluminum foil

Top dia: 72mm

Bottom dia: 59mm

Height: 20mm

Capacity: 60ml

Weight: 2.0g~2.1g

1. Eco-friendly, convenient ,hygienic ,elevated durability
2. Flawlessly finished, crack resistance, durable
3. Recyclable , leak proof, resistant to odor ,stackable
4. Microwavable , freezable, retain the freshness of the foods


Dessert:Mousse Brownies,Muffins,Salads,Fruit Towers,Fruit Pie,Panna Cotta,Tiramisu,Oupei La,Corian Volumes,German Puddings,Cup Cakes,Cream Puffs,Puddings,Cheese Cakes,Grilled Cheese ,Teriyaki Fruit,Ice Cream

Condiment:Caviar,Foie Gras,Honey,Jams,Sauces